Principal's Message

Welcome back to what is going to be our BEST YEAR EVER! 

To whoever is reading this ---- we are excited you are because this means you care about JH Hines and want to be part of getting our school back on track.  Even if you aren’t directly involved as a parent or community member, we appreciate you lifting us up with good thoughts every day as you have your morning cup of coffee or drive by our school, etc.!

Last year was my first year as principal at JH Hines but my 25th year as a principal in Waco ISD.  While starting at a new school can be somewhat scary, I was taken back by the warmth our leadership team received from the students, parents, and community members here at Hines.  THANK YOU!!!!  Then, for me, finding out that so many of our Hines parents were former students of mine from previous years just made my year that much better.  I was so proud to see what caring, involved parents each of them had become.


Thanks to the efforts of all stakeholders, our school made great gains last year in attendance, behavior, and STAAR results… but not enough. Check out our school report card on the Texas Education Agency website.   We are entering our 7th year as an Improvement Required campus so we must rise up and meet standard this year.  When we got to the STAAR Test last year our students worked so hard… now this year, we just need to fine tune our teaching so that we fill some learning holes that exist with so many of our students.   No excuses… it just has to be done.

To start the year we need help from parents:

  1.  Send your child to school EVERY DAY.  Attendance is taken at 9:30.  Even if students have a doctor’s appointment, bring them to school afterwards with the doctor’s note to get counted present.  If your child isn’t at school he/she isn’t getting exposed to the curriculum so they are missing out!
  2. Stay in contact with your child’s teacher about their ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT.  Ask questions from the teacher about how your child’s academic level compares to his/her peers.  If your child is behind, find out what you can do at home to reinforce what we are teaching at school.
  3.  Call the teacher or administrator if something doesn’t look or sound right.  If we don’t know about a problem, we can’t help solve it.

As the principal, I am out at car drop off area most every morning and in the street (DeShong/Payne intersection) every afternoon at dismissal.  Roll down your window and ask questions regarding your child’s education. 

This is the year that Team JH Hines must RISE UP.  

You are now part of Team Hines so let’s get to work.